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About me.


A positive, engaging leader who coaches teams toward elevated design and bleeding-edge user experiences.

Leadership is not about being in charge; It's about taking care of those under your charge. While intellect and technical skills are important, emotional intelligence is the backbone that fuels the way I inspire my teams to create their best work.

Kristen Suszek holding her first workhorse camera in a Luxembourg vineyard in 1999
Kristen Suszek on set at Smashbox studios.


Over the years, my career has allowed me to touch many corners of the creative world, from my early days as a Graphic Designer and Stringer for the local paper to now leading teams in establishing brand identities and directing national campaigns as a Creative Director and Director of Product Design. 

My unwavering passion drives me to continually learn the latest tools and techniques in order to always push the envelope in what is possible to truly

delight and inspire

our intended audiences and users.

Whether I'm working with stakeholders to plan and budget a marketing campaign or collaborating with User Experience experts to craft bespoke products, I bring a wealth of first-hand experience to each project, catapulting us ever faster to success.


I firmly believe in leading by example and making it a positive one at that. In mentoring my teams, beyond coaching the work itself, I encourage designers to think critically about their approaches and methodologies to improve their concepts and be on rock-solid footing when presenting their work to clients.

grow & succeed.

One of my greatest joys is seeing my team

Working in such a collaborative field, it's integral to be a part of, and foster, a positive, respectful organizational culture. With every agency I've been a part of, you can always find me going the extra distance to build fun and camaraderie as an extra layer within the company to foster morale.   

Helping organize events from service-oriented teambuilding such as with Heal the Bay and the L.A. Mission to Halloween parties and happy hours, I ensure everyone has an opportunity to engage with their colleagues outside of the grind of their workflow and build sustainable relationships across teams.

Stronger Together poasted flyers
Volunteers painting a boldly-colored "Work Hard Dream Big Mural" at Payne Elementary
Kristen Suszek voulenteering with the Friends of the LA River

Giving Back

Fostering a positive community starts where we live. Volunteering time to improve our city gets me incredibly fired up seeing how collaboration and cooperation can accomplish so much in such a short time. That energy comes back into my work tenfold and inspires me to push that spirit forward.

As a founding leader of Guthy-Renker's GR Give Back initiative, I helped organize company-sponsored community projects, including waste cleanup, charity drives, and even a school beautification project at Payne Elementary (mural designed by yours truly).

On my own time, I regularly volunteer with L.A. Kitten Rescue, Friends of the L.A. River, A Purposeful Rescue, and the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.



Have an exciting project? Want to pay a compliment? I'd love to hear from you!

Los Angeles, CA   |   310.492.5425

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