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Hi! I'm Kristen.

Let's make something

iPhone showing homepage design for a mobile-first responsively designed website.

I help brands compete and succeed in the ever-evolving digital landscape

Elevate brand perception

Establish credibility and authority

Engage with and delight web visitors

Define your brand presence in print and online

What I Do

User Experience & User Interface Design

Product Design is the art of constructing digital ecosystems and how you interact with them. UX/UI design encompasses everything from how you interact at each step with a digital product, to how they look (typography, color, icons, etc.), and how you should feel about the interaction. 

Concept art of taking Digital Design from User Journeys and User Flows through wireframes to final high-fidelity output
Headshot of a beautiful woman

Photography & Retouching

Capturing the right emotion or sense of space is integral to complimenting the overarching campaign and client needs. By working in lock-step with clients to achieve their vision, I ensure each shoot exceeds visual standards.  

Print, Packaging, and Retail Design

Tangible products, in-store displays, and print advertisements are timeless brand identity and marketing components. Meticulous detail to physical features, packaging, collateral, display merchandising, and more ensure the overall brand message continues across all touchpoints.

Lifestyle computer render of CBDa Package designs for Planetarie
flat-lay of multiple pages from the Specific Beauty Brand ID document

Brand Identity

Crystalize what defines your brand's personality and voice (i.e. consumer promise). Your brand identity encapsulates what your brand says, your values, how you communicate your product, and what you want people to feel when interacting with your company. I ensure that vision and voice come to life. 


Encouraging teams to push the boundaries of the conventional, I strive to lead creators to test new tools, resources, approaches, and methodologies.

From ensuring that deliverables reflect brand identitys from soup—to—nuts, to delivering elegantly simple user experiences, my passion lies in bringing ease and joy to the end consumer.

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